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Amy Jo Johnson and The Space Between

At the end of 2013, I had a conversation with Amy Jo Johnson about her fledgling foray into writing and directing her first two short films, not to mention her long-awaited return to music with her latest album Never Broken. Fast forward to now, and the former Flashpoint star is now diving head first into her debut feature film, The Space Between.

The Space Between follows the story of Mitch who finds out that his baby isn’t actually his own. He then sets out on a journey to seek out the baby’s biological father, a nineteen-year-old ginger. Johnson will also be releasing a seven minute prequel for the film entitled Shooting Blanks.

I had the chance to touch base with Amy Jo again to discuss her new project and the exciting things that surround it:

Amy Jo & SonyaWhen we first spoke you were finishing up work on your second short film. How does it feel to be taking that next step to writing and directing a feature film?

It feels amazing to be embarking on my first feature film as a writer/director. Seriously, it’s the only thing I want to focus on right now. I keep passing on auditions for acting. I think I’ve really found where my true passion lies.

What can you tell us about The Space Between?

It’s a heartfelt comedy that deals with lots of tough topics, like infertility, maternal grief and the epidemic frame of mind within young people today, the lack of self-love. BUT we dive into these hard topics in this movie with a levity and sense of humor that I think we have to. To find the peace and those healing moments we all need to learn to laugh with ourselves in order to heal.

Usually when we see a story about finding someone’s birth parents, it’s told from the perspective of the child, so it’s very unique to have it come from a parent’s point of view. What inspired you to tell this particular story?

It just sort of happened. I had the seed for the plot of the film from my short film Bent and then let it evolve from there. I LOVE telling it from the perspective of the father. Did you know that four percent of men are unknowingly raising children that are not there own! This statistic blew me away and got me to thinking. Michael Cram, who will play Mitch the lead character, is such a quirky funny, honest actor and will knock this role out of the park.

TSB1You’ve worked with cast members Sonya Salomaa and Michael Cram both before. What is it about those two that “keeps you coming back”, so to speak?

Well, like I said I’m a huge fan of Michael Cram and think his sensibility and humour fits well with my style of story telling. Sonya is a dear friend and I feel very safe with her. So not only is she the perfect Jackie but as a director I also get to have one of my best friends beside me.

In addition to writing and directing, you had also acted in your previous short films. Will you be a part of The Space Between cast as well?

I will!! I’ll be playing Jackie’s best friend. My role will be slightly smaller than two main leads mostly because I’m VERY excited to spend some time behind the camera and really focus on creating a beautiful little film.

So you’re launching your Indiegogo campaign during an online Stageit party. What can the party guests expect to see?

Sonya and I will be in Carmel for the film festival where Lines, my second short film, will be screening. Since Stageit is a music venue I’ll be playing a few songs off my new album. But mostly talking with Sonya and everyone who is tuned into the show! We will be launching the Indiegogo campaign Live from during this show! VERY excited!

The Space Between-01Can you give us a “sneak peak” at some of the perks in the Indiegogo campaign?

YES! My favorite perks are:

1. Skype session for 200$
2. I will paint you an original one-of-a-kind picture on canvas and also write you your own personal song. The song and picture can be based off of a letter personally written to her by YOU. You will receive a digital download of the song. 500$

There are so many more!! We also be having a 48 hours perk event. Whoever contributes in the first 48 hours will receive a digital download of all three of my short films. Bent, Lines & Shooting Blanks. There will be a few other contests throughout the campaign as well! AND two more Stageit shows!

Is it important to you having your fans be a part of the project?

The only way I would be able to make these films is with the people who support me. My tribe. So grateful for social media and link to all the people who have supported and follow my career.

Thank you very much for taking the time to talk to us and best of luck with filming!

Thank you! And I can’t wait to share The Space Between with everyone! Please come and join the team! We will all be creating this movie together!

So if you want to help support The Space Between, the Indiegogo page will be going live October 19th here:

And if you would like to join Amy Jo and friends at their Stageit events, you can grab your tickets at the links below!

OCT. 19th – Amy Jo Johnson and Sonya Salomaa – Indiegogo Launch Party

NOV. 9th – Amy Jo Johnson and Michael Cram – Shooting Blanks Premiere

NOV. 23rd – Indiegogo Final Day Event

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