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Gamers, Cosplayers and Anime, Oh My!

Three of  Vancouver’s most celebrated conventions combine like Voltron to form Northwest Fan Fest.  We will be there all weekend providing full coverage for you.  This is our master page with links to all the articles and coverage we have going on. Check out the live feed for up to the minute commentary.  Event Highlights are our must see list. This weekend is going to be fun so stay tuned.

Photo Gallery

NWFF0628 195A collection of shots filled with cosplayers, contests and more! Photography by Amanda Miller and Gregory Milne.




Live Coverage.

nwffliveOur up to the minute live coverage of Northwest Fan Fest. Join us in the conversation!






The Walkoff Teaser

NWFF Night Market 2014-06-20 012

The audience attending Northwest Fan Fest’s cosplay contest at the Richmond Night Market were treated by an impromptu rendition of the classic Anime Evolution event: THE WALK-OFF!

It was a rematch between last year’s champion Brian Milne and runner-up Arash Azizzadeh. Strutting ensued…

Cosplay Contest @ Richmond Night Market

NWFF Night Market 2014-06-20 035Out photo gallery of the pre-con cosplay contest at the Richmond Night Market





Event Highlights


2014’s Northwest Fan Fest is freshly underway and there is a multitude of very cool events happening over the course of the weekend. Here’s our list of all the awesome things that are happening this weekend. Get your schedules out because you don’t want to miss out on these. And this is a just a few of the things we’re excited to see.



Interview with Linda Ballantyne (Sailor Moon)

LindaBallantyneIn the bustle of the 2014 Northwest Fan Fest we were lucky enough to get a few quick words with special guest Linda Ballantyne, the actress behind Serena/Sailor Moon in the English adaptation of the beloved series.Admit it, you’re already singing the theme song in your head. Or out loud. I don’t judge. Just prior to the Sailor Moon voice actors panel, here’s what she had to say…



Cosplay (194)Northwest Fan Fest 2014 has come and gone and need to be categorized as a success. An event programmed by fan for fans, it combined Cos & Effect, Anime Evolution, and the Vancouver Gaming Expo into a single event that covered a wide variety of geeky interests.

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