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MMO-A-GO-GO, Part 5

A Personal MMO Retrospective.

Part 5 of…. ALIVE!

Star_Trek_Online_coverSTAR TREK ONLINE

I love Star Trek, so when I heard that this existed I was stoked. Cryptic, the maker of this game offered something interesting, a life time subscription: extra bank slots, extra character slots, free Cryptic store points to buy cloths and skins, no monthly fees, and an exclusive playable liberated Borg race available for any faction. All this for the low price of $400. Sure! I did it. Now I know what you’re thinking; isn’t the game free to play? Yes, it is… now. I don’t regret my purchase. Well… maybe a little. I still play STO at least a few times a month. I get a ton of free C-store points, so nothing stops me from getting all the good costume gear. Surprisingly, my original guild is even still active! Whenever new content is added, my guild leader rallies us through Steam and we have a blast. Recently STO had Michael Dorn voicing Worf and Tim Russ voicing Tuvok! It’s enough to make any Star Trek fan giddy.

Star Trek Online has the space combat nailed. It’s fun, and the mechanics are really well done. However, the ground combat is atrocious. It’s jumpy and has weird responses, which saps the fun right out of it. The PvP is blah, but the PvE content is well done. They release free fully-voiced content called “Seasons” every so often, plus they have “The Foundry” where users can create missions for people to play. When you just feel like relaxing you can go play Dabo at Quark’s Bar in Deep Space 9. With the original release you could play Federation or Klingons, but now you can also play Romulans who get to choose which side they fight for. STO is pretty good for a free to play MMO, and I would recommend it to anyone who appreciates the Star Trek universe. Honestly! Try it out. Just ignore all the cash grab shit they toss at you.


star wars knights of the old republic coverSTAR WARS: THE OLD REPUBLIC

I dodged a bullet on this one. I waited to see if this was going to be a good game before starting to play it. I heard they were doing a fully-voiced MMO, but after my experience with Age of Conan. I was wary. Still, I couldn’t help wondering if this was going to be the game that killed World of Warcraft. They wanted to be a WoW killer and Bioware had the cred to do it. Then EA put it exclusively on Origin, and had download limits for digital copies… limits on copies you could download… Huh? I started reading all the shady press coming from them and sat back. On release it was hailed as a bland dismal failure, and went free to play shortly after with numerous pay walls. I still to this day have not played it. I hear it’s gotten more interesting with the spaceship dogfight-mechanics. Maybe I’ll give it a try when Origin isn’t a repulsive pile of ostrich shit.

Next time, a spark of hope from an unexpected place.

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