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Nightwing: Prodigal [Video Interview]

The buzz has been growing for the forthcoming DC Comics-inspired webseries Nightwing: Prodigal, which will be premiering this month at FanExpo Vancouver. Gregory Milne talks with writer/star Brady Roberts (Nightwing), director Kyle James Patrick and cast members Maddie Phillips (Harley) and Florence Reiher (Oracle). Stay tuned to the end for an exclusive sneak peek of the series!



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  1. […] Nightwing: Prodigal World Premiere We had the chance to talk to some of the cast and crew of this DC Comics-inspired web-series. Prodigal sees Nightwing dealing with the disappearance of Batman while battling a bevy of the Dark Knight’s rogues gallery. A labour of love for those involved, the high level of production value compared to other fan films might surprise some, but its costumes and visuals look all pro. Fan Expo is hosting the premiere of the full series, running approximately forty-five minutes, followed by a Q&A panel with many of the creators and cast. You can check out our interview here. […]

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