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Cosmochoria: Tales of a Naked Spaceman

I love it when something has a great pitch. Developer 30/30’s upcoming game Cosmochoria offers something along the lines of this:

Naked cosmonaut with a jetpack battles crystal-pooping aliens while reviving a dying galaxy by planting one seed at a time.

I mean, come on. What else do you need really?

Creator Nate Schmold is keeping most of the story elements close to his chest, but what he will reveal is that the galaxies that the game inhabits was once filled with rich civilizations before a mysterious force came to wipe them out. Now our spaceman is working to help rebuild.

Schmold was inspired by the simple, classic games of the past. Players will quickly notice elements of inirtia reminiscent of a game like Asteroids, as well as subtle nods to favorites like Maniac Mansion/Day of the Tentacle and Metroid. He was also influenced by more modern games like Loco Roco.

ksScreenshot1However, Cosmochoria is far from unoriginal. It’s graphics have the feel of a children’s storybook, almost seeming painted with some textures giving the impression on construction paper. One thing that Shmold has tried to create with the game was balancing frantic, shoot’em up arcade action with calm moments of the player being by themselves, working to replenish the planets. As he puts it, “Panic and relaxation.” This contrast is certainly aided by the music, composed by electronic artists Ilkae and Zebra, as well as Schmold himself who composes under the moniker Mantrakid. The score ranges from chill and ambient to more energetic when the action picks up.

30/30 has just launched a Kickstarter to help finish off and launch Cosmochoria. Stretch goals include the creation additional features to the game, including alternate costumes, different difficulty modes, co-op and battle modes, among others. Higher contributors may also have the ability to help design enemies! Another perk I love personally, is the handmade plush toys of the main character. I’m a sucker for a good plushie.

But one of the real highlights of the campaign has a truly positive real world effect. For every donation to the Kickstarter that Cosmochoria receives, Schmold is going to have a tree planted via the Earth Day Network, mirroring the environmental themes of the game. Although, surprisingly, that wasn’t the initial intention.

Schmold says, “From the beginning I never really thought of the game as having an environmental message when I was developing it. I actually saw it as a more spiritual thing where you’re bringing the life back to these dead planets, re-establishing the life on them. I had been asked about the environmental aspects quite a few times and being asked, it got me thinking and realized that it does have a fairly prominent environmental message if you think of it that way. The whole planting a tree through the Kickstarter, even that I didn’t want to be interpreted as an environmental thing, but as a way to give some more meaning to the act of supporting the game in general, to give it an actual physical value as well. There’s something sort of mystical about that.” But he goes on to add, “To know that there’s organizations out that are taking it upon themselves to make it that easy for you if you actually want to make change and you want to improve the quality of life of living things on Earth, you could give somebody one dollar and they will do it for you. And it does fit really nicely with the game itself.”

ksScreenshot2Back to the game proper, I had a chance to play the alpha release of the game and I am happy to attest that 30/30 has definitely achieved everything the set out to do. And the most important thing: the game is a lot of fun. It is something a player can get lost in with a smile. I am very excited to see the final product when it is released this fall.

If you want to read more about Cosmochoria and pledge to the Kickstarter, just follow the links below. You can also support the game by voting for it on Steam Greenlight.

And if you have a chance, maybe get out there and plant a seed.

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  1. Nate Schmold says:

    Thanks for the spotlight on Cosmochoria! In breaking news Cosmochoria was just Greenlit to launch on Steam this afternoon, after a 4 month campaign! So things are really falling into place for an awesome launch once the game is done.

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