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The Last Unicorn: A Screening with Peter S. Beagle

Last Unicorn 01Today marked the first Canadian screening of the Last Unicorn, touring to select theaters with writer Peter S. Beagle in attendance at every night.

The show was sold out at Colossus in Langley, with theater manager Kim requesting audience members shift down if they notice an isolated seat between them and their neighbors. Packed to capacity, many fans came dressed to impress. One five year old girl was dressed to look like she was riding a pink unicorn, several women were either Amalthea in her unicorn state or in her lady guise, and there were a few Molly, Shmedrick, and incredible Red Bull costumes as well.

The night began with Peter’s very charismatic assistant, Connor Cochran, giving an introduction to the tour and to the author. Peter was a humble man with a great sense of humor. During the Q&A, he was asked what was the most memorable thing a fan has brought for him to autograph. He said, “It’s funny you should ask that….at the last show, I was given the most unusual request to date. Other men sometimes get underwear to sign. I was given a baby. The young couple were both dressed as the Red Bull, and they had their baby dressed up as the butterfly, and I signed their baby.”

Peter and Connor then performed the door prize raffle, including limited edition posters, the Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack of The Last Unicorn, and several of his books. The story of a unicorn who fears she may be the last of her kind and sets out to discover why was made all the more intense seen on the big screen.

After the show, Peter and his team could be found at a table set up in the front of the theater, selling his deluxe graphic novel edition of The Last Unicorn as well as cut-out cells from the original film itself, limited edition lithographs and art prints, jewelry, and additional books he has published. Peter was happily sharing stories with fans, reading aloud from his books, giving autographs and taking pictures. His gentility was only surpassed by his genuine kindness, a rare kind of graciousness that is not necessarily expected from someone with a lineup of hundreds of fans wanting his signature.

The big announcement at tonight’s screening was this: In addition to tomorrow night’s show in Richmond (Nov. 20), Peter and his team are planning cross Canada tour for April 2014. So if you missed tonight’s show, just remember what Schmedrick says: “There are no endings!”


Article by James Fraser.

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