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LANcouver 2013, BYOC and Game On

LANcouver 2013

LANcouver 2013 is rocking this weekend.

Lancouver sold out event is showing the Vancouver gaming community just how much they have to give. For the last 9 years running, the sponsors get better, the turn out gets larger and most of all, the gamers are much, much harder to beat.

For you newcomers to gaming, yes we know who you are. LAN parties have been going on for over adecade and now they are opening doors for gaming as a profession. This years’ event will have everything a gamer could need. Energy drinks, seminars and sponsor product demos, as well as panel discussions and special events. E-sporting at its finest.

E-sports has yet to enter the mainstream and LANcouver is doing a lot to push it forward. It is the biggest PC gaming event in western Canada. Video games may be every where these days, but playing them competitively is finally breaking out. The time and energy that goes in to making a large-scale competition like LANcouver is worth several epic tier armor sets. The different gaming associations that all need to be referenced for maps and tournament rules is a big deal.  Then the event has to be officiated for the winners to have their triumphs recognized.  LANcouver is mostly for the love of playing the game, keeping it fun and accessible. The winner here get some crazy bragging rights of being the best Frag Artist in the GVRD, and that is what it really is all about. It may be a budding sport in the professional terms, but when you enter the virtual arena, prepare to be 0wnd.

LANcouver BYOC 2013This years headline games are League of Legends 5v5 and Counter Strike Global Offensive 5v5 and Starcraft 1v1.  The intensity of these tournaments will be high and even as a spectator this will be a great show to catch this weekend. The prizes up for grabs are nothing to scoff at either. With $8000 dollars worth of hardware to win the keyboard mashing will be furious. Speaking of Keyboards, every gamer knows that moment when keyboard or controller goes airborne in a fit a rage. Well this year sees the return of the keyboard tossing competition too!

If you are not able to play, you can always come as a spectator which is free.  Not to mention you can check out the NCIX warehouse sale at the same time. On Saturday at 12:30 pm our good buddies over at WestCoast Geeks vs Nerds will be hosting a debate on the main stage, we don’t think you should miss it. With all the energy drinks getting passed around this debate could be extra hilarious. After a good laugh make sure you refuel over at the Dougie Dog Diner Truck.

Over all LANcouver is a great way to beat the heat and have some fun this weekend.  Sadly the party stops on Sunday July 14th at 6pm, but you have all day and all night to check it out.


For more info and how to get there click the links below.


Date: July 12 at 12PM to July 14 at 6PM

Address: 4620 Viking Way, Richmond, BC [map]


Twitter: @LANcouver

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  1. PIctures of LANcouver 2013 can be found on the official LANcouver Facebook page along with!

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