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Ninja Sex Party: Tales of Strawberries and Cream

So here’s the set-up: A Jewish superhero and his bestfriend-slash-roommate, who is a ninja, start a rock band to pick up chicks.

If that statement alone doesn’t sell you on the idea, then please by all means, read on. Actually, maybe just read on regardless. You’ll miss the interview. Consisting of spandex-clad lead singer Danny Sexbang (Dan Avidan) and keyboardist/silent assassin Ninja Brian (Brian Wecht), the New York-based comedy duo Ninja Sex Party has been blasting the internet with sheer awesomeness for nearly four years. Their high-energy, eighties-inspired tunes tell tales of parties, magic, martial arts, science and seducing the ladies. Mostly seducing the ladies. In addition to their own channel on YouTube, which to date has had over seven million eyes on it, the pair have been featured on College Humor, Funny or Die and The Huffington Post. Live, they’ve graced the stages of the South by Southwest (SXSW) Festival and Dragon*Con as well as several major comedy festivals throughout North America. Dan and Brian were kind enough to sit down and answer a barrage of my keen, investigative questions. It went a little something like this:


 How did the real-life Dan and Brian come together to form Ninja Sex Party?


Through a mutual friend (Julie, the girl from “The Decision” video), who was in a musical improv group Brian was coaching in NYC. Danny asked her if she knew anyone who might want to dress up in a ninja costume and play music, and she knew just the guy. One e-mail and meeting later, NSP was born.

Simply forming a band is one thing, but rooting it in such an outlandish premise is a whole other. Where did the concept of Ninja Sex Party come from?

It was Danny’s idea, although why he wanted to do it remains a mystery.

How do you both approach writing songs for Ninja Sex Party?

It varies from song to song. Sometimes we come up with a title first, sometimes an idea for the jokes, and sometimes the music. Then we just develop it until we love it!

Your videos have a very a decidedly “home-made” kind of feel. Was that a conscious choice?

Not really — we just didn’t (and don’t) have much of a budget.

How many falls would you say that Danny’s stunt dummy has taken at this point?

A lot. Probably like fifty. It’s fallen apart at least twice, and every time we just tape it back together and keep going.

Some of your music videos have featured work from some very talented animators. How did those collaborations come about?

Rubber Ross saw our stuff online and introduced it to Egoraptor, who approached us and asked if we wanted to work on stuff together. When we wrote Dinosaur Laser Fight, it was a natural fit for him. And then by hanging out with him and his animator friends, and becoming friends with those guys (including Ross, and also Psychic Pebbles, OneyNG, Cory Spazkid, and JonTron), the rest of the collabs happened.

Outside of the music videos on your channel you’ve also put out “The Sacred Chalice” mini-series and “20 Haikus In 20 Days” series. What inspired those?

We just wanted to do something on a more regular basis, and those were the best ideas we had!

There was some teasing on social media about a project called “Starbomb”. Is there any more we can hear about that?

Not right now, except that it involves us, Egoraptor, and HOT JAMS.

With your latest album just out this spring, will there be any live appearances for the band to look forward to this year?

Not sure yet, but hopefully there will be!

Any parting thoughts?

It’s important to de-crumb your toaster at least once every couple of months. A build-up of crumbs can start a fire, so stay vigilant.

I was going to end the interview there, but my keen journalistic instincts urged me to dig just a little bit deeper, to really get inside Ninja Sex Party:
I have heard Danny Sexbang described as a superhero. What exactly are his powers?

He can maintain an erection for twelve hours, and pelvic thrust at ten-times normal speed. Also his jewfro is naturally resistant to UV radiation.
Ninjas are of course famed for their stealth and silence. Does playing music, let alone music as epic as Ninja Sex Party’s, cause any kind of moral conflict for Ninja Brian?

Since Ninja Brian has no moral code, no. Dude just does whatever the F he wants. Who’s gonna stop him?
How does one throw a Ninja Sex Party?

Carefully and often

When can we expect Ninja Brian’s long-awaited acapella double-vinyl album?

The real question is when you can expect his prog-rock concept album, Wanderlust 2027. The answer is: not soon.

Any advice for our readers who would like to become even more amazingly awesome?

Listen to NSP jams as often and as loudly as possible! Also make sure to call your mom on a regular basis — she deserves it. And when you call her, blast NSP jams into the phone. That last part is important.


Ninja Sex Party’s second album Strawberries and Cream was freshly released this April (following their 2011 debut, NSFW) and is available online.







Twitter: @ninjasexparty[/box]

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