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Living Myth Magazine is a journal of modern culture seen through the lens of geekdom. We want to see quality content have its day; your creative efforts are that content. We can publish it and promote it and help you connect to a broader audience. That’s the simple mission.

LMMag, as we call it, is the flagship property of our parent company Living Myth Media, they are kind of like Viacom meets Saatchi & Saatchi, only not evil and not as big.

The Digital Choice

Seeing the way our world grows and changes so fast we have chosen to embrace this and use the advantage of the medium to tell more engaging and immersive stories. This is a whole new frontier and we want to share it with you.   The written word will never die, books will never go out of style, so we will always have a catalog of hardcopy. However, films, games, and interactivity are the way forward.  Digital. E-books that read to you and show you the world they are written about, films that let you chose where and how the end comes, games that need you to go out into the world to play them … This is the direction we’re heading towards and if you really want a hardcopy of LMMag, send us an email.

What is Living Myth Media?
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