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God of Comics – Taarna #1

God Of Comics, Reviews

October 18, 2017

Taarna #1 (Heavy Metal) Where do I even begin? We spoke about Heavy Metal Magazine back in our Atomahawk pre/review. From there: As the Comics Code Authority began to lose

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God of Comics – The Shadow #3

God Of Comics, Reviews

October 17, 2017

The Shadow #3 (Dynamite Entertainment) What evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows. Maniacal laughter ensues, violent lives brought to a violent end. There’s

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Soul Samurai at the Vancouver Fringe Festival

Culture, Events, FRINGE!!, Opinion, Performance, Performance, Reviews

September 11, 2017

Soul Samurai is mad ambitious. It’s the latest offering from Affair of Honor, a small stage production house that employs fight choreographers and stunt people as actors and reaps the benefits of doing so. They’ve done some incredible fight work in the past and usually put on a visually striking show and this one is …

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Meditations For People Who Hate People – Episode 4 – Just Fly Above Them

Comedy, Culture, Lifestyle, Podcast

September 20, 2017

Join your guide Callyn for a guided meditation where you are flying above the haters. We hope this is a relaxing and cathartic experience for you. *Background track is Healing by Kevin MacLeod – Royalty Free Meditations For People Who Hate People – Episode 4 – Just Fly Above Them

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