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A Eulogy for Batwoman

Oct 19 | 25 Views | 8 Comments

Some people harp on me for reading comics. There’s this idea that comics are somehow a lesser art form, something meant for children. Some writers in the medium even believe that, letting that sense of disdain fill their works and turn them into petty indulgences that do nothing but celebrate...

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Ogre Plays Games: My Short Stint as a Competitive Dota 2 Player

Apr 3 | 71 Views | No Comments

The year was 2013. September was beginning and my friends and I were sitting down at EXP Restaurant on a Sunday morning to watch the finals of the International Dota 2 Tournament in Seattle. Navi had clinched the final spot and would face Alliance. It was a fun event and a lot of beer and [&hellip...

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